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April 17, 2012

Maxwell out with sprained knee

Andrew Maxwell sprained his right knee during Saturday's scrimmage and may miss the rest of spring ball, Mark Dantonio said today before practice.

    Maxwell hurt himself while backpedaling and trying to get away from the pass rush, Dantonio said. He had a wrap on the knee today but was moving around OK. He's out this week for sure and then MSU will evaluate him early next week. If he's still out (I'd have to think he would have to be feeling really, really good for them to consider activating him), Connor Cook likely will play quarterback for both teams in the April 28 spring game.

    Maxwell could have used the reps, but Cook will get more of them as a result, perhaps accelerating his progress.

    Also today, Chris Norman (shoulder) and Bennie Fowler (foot) are back practicing on a limited basis.


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