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April 15, 2012

MSU hoops-related news

Branden Dawson tweeted some today, after visiting with his doctor. "He says I'm 2 months ahead of schedule," Dawson tweeted. Here's his Twitter page.

    Dawson already was one month ahead of schedule because his left knee didn't swell after he tore the ACL in it on March 4. He was able to have immediate surgery and was said to be on course to be all the way back by September. So does this mean he's playing open gym in August? Stay tuned for further tweets.

    On to former MSU players, Delvon Roe filmed a tribute to Trayvon Martin.

    And Alan Anderson is making a strong bid for permanent residence in the NBA, a 10-day deal with the Raptors turning into a pivotal role. In today's win at Atlanta, he was second on the team in points and minutes.

    One last thing -- John Schneider's final column for the LSJ, and it's a great one (as was his going-away party). Sums it all up quite nicely.


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