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April 25, 2012

MSU spring game draft

And with the first pick ... the Green team picks Will Gholston at defensive end.

    Before we get to the rest, let's keep the rules in mind. The seniors are split up into teams and they do the drafting. When a player is picked, the other team takes the next guy AT THAT POSITION. Then the other team takes the next guy, and so on, until that position group is exhausted. One thing to keep in mind here is that the earliest position groups tapped indicate more separation. The ones picked later usually have players that are closer to each other in ability.


    * First pick: Green (which has Anthony Rashad White, Chris McDonald, Dan Conroy, Mitchell White, Ethan Ruhland and is coached by Brad Salem) takes Will Gholston No. 1.

    White (which has Larry Caper, Tyler Hoover, Steve Gardiner, Johnny Adams, Fou Fonoti, Arthur Ray Jr. and is coached by Terry Salem) then takes Marcus Rush.

    Green takes Jeremy Gainer (surprise alert).

    White takes Joel Heath.

    Green takes Shilique Calhoun.

    * Second pick: White goes middle linebacker and takes Max Bullough.

    Green gets TyQuan Hammock.

    * Third pick:  Green goes guards/centers and takes Travis Jackson.

    White takes Jack Allen (they need a center).

    Green takes Blake Treadwell.

    White takes Connor Kruse.

    Green takes Donavon Clark.

    White takes Nate Klatt.

    Green takes Kyle Lints.

    * Fourth pick: White gets into the offensive tackles and takes Dan France.

    Green takes Skyler Burkland.

    White takes Henry Conway.

    Green takes Michael Dennis.

    * Fifth pick: Green goes tight ends (thought this might happen earlier) and takes Dion Sims.

    White takes Andrew Gleichert.

    Green takes Denzel Drone.

    White takes Derek Hoebing.

    * Sixth pick: White goes outside linebackers and takes Denicos Allen.

    Green takes Kyler Elsworth (surprise alert, though not a huge one considering how he played last season when he got a chance).

    White takes Darien Harris.

    Green takes Taiwan Jones.

    White takes Ed Davis.

    Green takes Danny Folino.

    White takes Ty Hamilton.

    * Seventh pick: Green goes cornerback and takes Trae Waynes.

    White takes Mylan Hicks.

    Green takes Arjen Colquhoun.

    * Eighth pick: White goes safety and takes Isaiah Lewis.

    Green takes Kurtis Drummond.

    White takes RJ Williamson.

    Green takes Jairus Jones.

    White takes Kyle Artinian.

    * Ninth pick: Green goes defensive tackle and takes James Kittredge, backing up the talk that he's the clear third guy inside right now.

    White takes Brandon Clemons (interesting).

    Green takes Matt Ramondo.

    White takes Micajah Reynolds.

    Green takes Matt Scarpinato.

    * 10th pick: White goes fullback and takes Niko Palazeti (by the way, injured OLB Chris Norman announced all the of White team's picks and had nicknames for everyone, real and made up on the spot. He came up with Niko "The Hammer" Palazeti, and I think that has a chance of sticking).

    Green takes Trevon Pendleton.

    * 11th pick: We finally get to running back -- there was some thought that this might be high in the draft -- and Green takes Le'Veon Bell.

    White takes Nick Hill.

    This indicates less separation than some think -- but don't forget, MSU is probably going to limit Bell some in this game and the players know it.

    * 12th pick: Finally, wide receiver, and perhaps the most interesting pick of the day. White takes Andre Sims Jr.

    Green takes Jeremy Langford (another surprise).

    White takes DeAnthony Arnett.

    Green takes Keith Mumphery.

    White takes Dana Dixon.

    Green takes John Jakubik.

    White takes AJ Troup.

    Green takes Juwan Caesar.

    White takes Kyle Kerrick.

    Green takes Jordan Benton.

    White takes Spencer Elliott.

    Afterward, Samuel agreed that the Sims pick was a "no brainer," that he is making the most plays at the position during spring ball. Also, that Langford is catching on quickly. As for Arnett, he's still learning the offense, and Mumphery has been bothered by a nagging knee injury.

    * We wrap it up with Green getting Mike Sadler and White getting Kevin Muma. Green gets Matt Giampapa to snap and White gets Steve Moore.

    We'll have plenty of time to dissect the rosters and set a betting line.

    UPDATE: Here are the rosters:


    No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Elig. Cl. Exp. Hometown (Previous School)
2 William Gholston DE 6-7 275 Jr. Jr. 2L Detroit, Mich. (Southeastern)
3 Mike Sadler P 6-0 183 So. Jr. 1L Grand Rapids, Mich. (Forest Hills Northern)
4 Dan Conroy K 5-10 194 Sr. Sr.-5 2L Wheaton, Ill. (Wheaton Warrenville South)
11 Juwan Caesar WR 6-4 209 Fr. So. RS Miami, Fla. (Miami Coral Park Senior)
15 Trae Waynes CB 6-1 175 Fr. So. RS Kenosha, Wis. (Bradford)
16 Tommy Vento QB 6-1 199 Fr. So. RS Farmington Hills, Mich. (Harrison)
18 Connor Cook QB 6-4 215 Fr. So. RS Hinckley, Ohio (Walsh Jesuit)
19 Danny Folino LB 5-9 206 Jr. Sr. 1L Okemos, Mich. (East Lansing)
23 Jairus Jones S 6-1 205 Jr. Sr. 2L Tampa, Fla. (Wharton)
24 Le’Veon Bell RB 6-2 238 Jr. Jr. 2L Reynoldsburg, Ohio (Groveport Madison)
25 Keith Mumphery WR 6-0 208 So. Jr. 1L Vienna, Ga. (Dooly County)
27 Kurtis Drummond S 6-1 197 So. Jr. 1L Masury, Ohio (Hubbard)
28 Tony Fant RB 5-8 177 Fr. So. HS Detroit, Mich. (Loyola)
30 Jordan Benton WR 6-0 190 Jr. Sr. SQ Los Angeles, Calif. (Loyola)
32 Mitchell White CB 5-11 180 Sr. Sr.-5 3L Livonia, Mich. (Stevenson)
33 Jeremy Langford RB 6-0 208 So. Jr. 1L Wayne, Mich. (John Glenn)
34 Taiwan Jones LB 6-3 232 So. So. 1L New Baltimore, Mich. (Anchor Bay)
36 Arjen Colquhoun CB 6-1 189 Fr. So. RS Windsor, Ontario (W.F. Herman Secondary School)
37 Trevon Pendleton FB 5-11 245 Fr. So. RS Lucasville, Ohio (Portsmouth West)
41 Kyler Elsworth LB 6-1 225 Jr. Sr. 2L Goodrich, Mich. (Goodrich)
42 Denzel Drone TE 6-2 260 Jr. Sr. 2L Plant City, Fla. (Plant City)
43 Ed Davis LB 6-3 220 Fr. So. RS Detroit, Mich. (Southeastern)
45 Jeff Bobek FB 6-1 247 Sr. Sr. SQ Palatine, Ill. (William Fremd)
47 Jeremy Gainer DE 6-2 231 Jr. Sr. 1L Detroit, Mich. (Clarenceville)
49 TyQuan Hammock LB 6-0 237 Jr. Sr. 2L Fort Wayne, Ind. (Bishop Luers)
53 Steve Moore SN 6-3 220 Jr. Sr. 1L Pinconning, Mich. (Pinconning Area)
53 Kyle Lints C 6-3 278 Fr. So. RS Traverse City, Mich. (St. Francis)
62 Chris McDonald OG 6-5 299 Sr. Sr.-5 3L Sterling Heights, Mich. (Henry Ford II)
63 Travis Jackson C 6-3 280 So. Jr. 1L New Albany, Ohio (St. Francis DeSales)
64 Blake Treadwell OG 6-3 299 Jr. Sr. 3L East Lansing, Mich. (East Lansing)
65 Michael Dennis OT 6-6 309 So. Jr. SQ Carey, Ohio (Carey)
65 Doug Curtis NT 6-2 260 Sr. Sr. SQ Weston, Conn. (Weston)
68 Ethan Ruhland OG 6-5 290 Sr. Sr.-5 3L Lake Orion, Mich. (Lake Orion)
70 Skyler Burkland OT 6-7 315 So. Jr. 1L Sunbury, Ohio (Big Walnut)
76 Donavon Clark OG 6-3 295 Fr. So. RS Cincinnati, Ohio (Finneytown)
80 Dion Sims TE 6-5 280 Jr. Sr. 2L Detroit, Mich. (Orchard Lake St. Mary’s)
81 James Kittredge DT 6-4 271 So. Jr. SQ Ramsey, N.J. (Vanderbilt)
89 Shilique Calhoun DE 6-4 240 Fr. So. RS Middletown, N.J. (Middletown North)
89 John Jakubik WR 6-0 190 So. Jr. SQ Plymouth, Mich. (Kalamazoo College)
97 Mark Scarpinato NT 6-3 280 Fr. So. RS Milwaukee, Wis. (Marquette University)
98 Anthony Rashad White NT 6-2 320 Sr. Sr. 2L Battle Creek, Mich. (Fort Scott CC)
8 Lawrence Thomas LB 6-3 280 Fr. So. RS Detroit, Mich. (Renaissance)
10 Andrew Maxwell QB 6-3 212 Jr. Sr. 2L Midland, Mich. (Midland)
14 Tony Lippett WR 6-3 192 So. Jr. 1L Detroit, Mich. (Crockett)
35 Chris Laneaux S 5-11 192 Fr. So. RS Kalamazoo, Mich. (Portage Northern)
55 Corey Freeman DE 6-2 258 Sr. Sr. 2L Cleveland Heights, Ohio (Cleveland Heights)
71 John Deyo OG 6-6 305 Sr. Sr.-5 3L Battle Creek, Mich. (Gull Lake)
83 Paul Lang TE 6-5 247 Fr. So. RS Pittsburgh, Pa. (Mount Lebanon)
Honorary Coach: Greg Jones
Head Coach: Brad Salem
Assistant Coaches: Ted Gill, Dan Roushar, Mike Tressel
EXP. KEY – HS: High School; RS: Red-shirted; JC: Junior College; TR: Transfer; SQ: Squad Member; L: Letters Earned

No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Elig. Cl. Exp. Hometown (Previous School)
4 Kyle Kerrick WR 6-3 197 Fr. Fr. HS Coatesville, Pa. (Coatesville Area)
5 Johnny Adams CB 5-11 175 Sr. Sr.-5 3L Akron, Ohio (Buchtel)
5 DeAnthony Arnett WR 5-11 170 So. So. TR Saginaw, Mich. (Tennessee)
6 Mylan Hicks CB 5-11 190 So. Jr. SQ Detroit, Mich. (Renaissance)
9 Isaiah Lewis S 5-10 195 Jr. Jr. 2L Indianapolis, Ind. (Ben Davis)
12 Dana Dixon WR 6-2 170 Jr. Sr. 2L Detroit, Mich. (Renaissance)
12 Peter Badovinac QB 6-2 220 Sr. Sr.-5 SQ Inverness, Ill. (Drake)
17 Kevin Muma K 6-0 191 Jr. Sr. 2L Troy, Mich. (Troy)
18 Connor Cook QB 6-4 215 Fr. So. RS Hinckley, Ohio (Walsh Jesuit)
19 AJ Troup WR 6-3 200 Fr. So. RS Minneapolis, Minn. (Wayzata)
20 Nick Hill RB 5-8 190 So. Jr. 1L Chelsea, Mich. (Chelsea)
21 Andre Sims Jr. WR 5-9 187 Fr. So. RS Snellville, Ga. (Brookwood)
22 Larry Caper RB 5-11 221 Sr. Sr. 3L Battle Creek, Mich. (Battle Creek Central)
25 Kyle Artinian S 5-11 196 Fr. So. RS Grand Blanc, Mich. (Grand Blanc)
26 RJ Williamson S 6-0 200 Fr. So. RS Middletown, Ohio (Dunbar)
28 Denicos Allen LB 5-11 232 Jr. Sr. 2L Hamilton, Ohio (Hamilton)
29 Spencer Elliott WR 6-0 195 Fr. So. RS Ada, Mich. (Forest Hills Eastern)
38 Niko Palazeti FB 6-1 250 So. Jr. 1L Northville, Mich. (Detroit Catholic Central)
40 Max Bullough LB 6-3 252 Jr. Jr. 2L Traverse City, Mich. (St. Francis)
42 Ty Hamilton LB 6-0 235 So. Jr. SQ Fenton, Mich. (Fenton)
44 Marcus Rush DE 6-2 250 So. Jr. 1L Cincinnati, Ohio (Archbishop Moeller)
45 Darien Harris LB 6-0 215 Fr. So. RS Silver Spring, Md. (DeMatha Catholic)
50 Steve Gardiner LB 6-1 218 Sr. Sr.-5 3L Dublin, Ohio (Coffman)
51 Fou Fonoti OT 6-4 300 Sr. Sr. 1L Lakewood, Calif. (Cerritos College)
54 Connor Kruse OG 6-4 306 So. Jr. SQ Lowell, Mich. (Lowell)
56 Matt Ramondo NT 6-5 320 Fr. So. RS Las Cruces, N.M. (Mayfi eld)
57 Adam Brown OG 6-3 280 Fr. So. HS Columbia, Md. (Atholton)
58 Matt Giampapa SN 6-2 245 So. So. 1L Jackson, Tenn. (University School of Jackson)
59 Dan France OT 6-5 316 Jr. Sr. 2L North Royalton, Ohio (North Royalton)
60 Micajah Reynolds DT 6-5 320 Jr. Sr. 2L Lansing, Mich. (Sexton)
66 Jack Allen C 6-1 292 Fr. So. RS Hinsdale, Ill. (Hinsdale Central)
69 Shawn Kamm OT 6-7 312 So. Jr. SQ Saginaw, Mich. (Nouvel Catholic Central)
72 Nate Klatt OG 6-4 290 Jr. Sr. 2L Clinton, Ohio (Northwest)
73 Arthur Ray Jr. OG 6-3 300 Sr. Sr.-5 1L Chicago, Ill. (Mount Carmel)
77 Henry Conway OT 6-6 325 Jr. Sr. 1L Shaker Heights, Ohio (Shaker Heights)
84 Derek Hoebing TE 6-6 270 Jr. Sr. 2L Vermilion, Ohio (Vermilion)
87 Brandon Clemons NT 6-3 274 Fr. So. RS Milford, Pa. (Delaware Valley)
91 Tyler Hoover DT 6-7 295 Sr. Sr.-5 2L Novi, Mich. (Novi)
92 Joel Heath DE 6-6 277 Fr. So. RS Cincinnati, Ohio (Mount Healthy)
92 Andrew Gleichert TE 6-5 256 So. Jr. SQ Ann Arbor, Mich. (Huron)
10 Chris Norman LB 6-1 230 Sr. Sr. 3L Detroit, Mich. (Renaissance)
13 Bennie Fowler WR 6-1 218 Jr. Sr. 2L Bloomfi eld, Mich. (Detroit Country Day)
31 Darqueze Dennard CB 5-11 190 Jr. Jr. 2L Dry Branch, Ga. (Twiggs County)
48 Drew Stevens TE 6-4 242 Sr. Sr.-5 2L Delaware, Ohio (Olentangy)
48 Pat Rhomberg LB 6-0 225 Fr. So. RS Columbus, Ohio (Bishop Watterson)
93 Damon Knox DT 6-4 280 Fr. So. RS Muskegon, Mich. (Muskegon)
94 Taylor Calero DE 6-2 248 So. Jr. SQ Beverly Hills, Mich. (Southfi eld Christian)
Honorary Head Coach: Devin Thomas
Head Coach: Terrence Samuel
Assistant Coaches: Harlon Barnett, Pat Narduzzi, Mark Staten, Dave Warner






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