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April 12, 2012

Nix reinstated

Draymond Green, Russell Byrd, Anthony Ianni, Mateen Cleaves, David Thomas, Mike Peplowski and Tim Bograkos stood in the back of the room for support while Derrick Nix stood at a podium in Breslin Center, tears running down his faced, and apologized for his marijuana arrest. Moments later, Tom Izzo revealed that Nix is reinstated to the team as long as he meets all the conditions -- as of yet undetermined -- that are set before him.

    Izzo did not rule out a suspension of some kind next season, but he did say he'll make Nix's life "miserable." And that he loves him. And that those two things are positively correlated.

    Also, Nix made it clear that the "2011 red Dodge Charger" from the police report is actually a 2007 Dodge Charger. This is supported by a run of the VIN number. He also said the car belongs to his brother's girlfriend. Izzo was angry that the question was asked and said it gave people at other university a "chance to fire missiles" at MSU.

    "We're still standing," he said, and also said he'd be willing to get into a "fistfight" with anyone who made the car an issue -- which, of course, many who read the report immediately did. It's a fair question to ask. Obviously. Most would say. I think.

    Anyway, football stuff later today.



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