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57 posts from April 2012

April 23, 2012

What the L.?

Associated Press is reporting that Arkansas has hired John L. Smith to replace Bobby Petrino as interim coach. Although Smith is a Petrino mentor and coached special teams for him there, I did not see this coming. At all. Here's a story out of Little Rock. Cue fast-field-goal and other jokes.

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April 22, 2012

L.A. and the Ready For Prime Time Players

    Mark Dantonio’s first spring game at Michigan State was rocked by stunning news on recruit Arthur Ray Jr. Five years later, the story has changed significantly. But Ray returns often to that time in his life for inspiration as he tries to take that final – and very difficult – step.

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April 21, 2012

Playoffs inch closer

Some very interesting stuff here from the Trib's Teddy Greenstein on some high-impact meetings about to take place in Florida.

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April 20, 2012

How good is Gholston?

A reminder on this one poster, forget the name, forget the day, forget the exact comment, remember the jist from a year ago: Will Gholston is a bust.

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April 19, 2012

Caper shines, offense wins 2nd scrimmage

Nice timing on this story. Larry Caper ran 21 times for 106 yards, including a 22-yard touchdown run and a 31-yard gain, and Dan Conroy kicked a 45-yard field goal on the final play to give the offense a 62-59 win -- and the green jerseys back -- in the second scrimmage of spring ball. The third will be the April 28 spring game at Spartan Stadium. With Andrew Maxwell sidelined, Connor Cook completed 15 of 34 passes for 144 yards in the closed scrimmage, with a 3-yard scoring pass to fullback Trevon Pendleton.

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Harris among 24 invited to U18 tryouts

MSU basketball 2012 recruit Gary Harris is one of 24 players who will compete for 12 spots on the USA Basketball U18 team, June 5-12 in Colorado Springs. If the shooting guard makes it, he'll play  June 16-20 in Brazil at the U18 Championship.

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Lovely day for a chat

So click here to join at 10 a.m. First, read this Larry Caper update from Brian Calloway, who has joined our MSU coverage team (also, Chris Solari's MSU coverage role is on steroids from here on, or at least as soon as he steps back from his Brandon Inge PR campaign).

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April 18, 2012

Transferring responsibility

This Bo says: "Those who leave will be restricted." And this situation earns immediate filing in a place I call Wetzel's Wheelhouse. This looks bad for Bo Ryan, yes, but it's bigger than that.

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Three-man party at DT

The focus is on Connor Cook as he prepares for what could be a busy April 28 and a guaranteed steak, but there are others moving into the first-team discussion. One of them is Vanderbilt transfer James Kittredge, competing right now with Tyler Hoover at nose tackle.

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April 17, 2012

Maxwell out with sprained knee

Andrew Maxwell sprained his right knee during Saturday's scrimmage and may miss the rest of spring ball, Mark Dantonio said today before practice.

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