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April 03, 2012

Spring football nuggets

MSU had practice and interviews today, and DeAnthony Arnett announced himself as a guy who will be very popular with reporters in the next few years. Arnett is optimistic about his NCAA petition and expects an answer within the next two weeks. Meanwhile, his father needs a kidney transplant. And he's learning a new offense and admittedly "swimming" on the field right now. That's a lot on one plate.

    Arnett seems to be handling it as well as could be expected, though. More on him tomorrow.

    * Dion Sims actually did have surgery on his wrist in February -- the hope was that he could go without it, but he ended up needing it -- but he's participating fully and realizes the opportunity ahead of him. Sims is at 280 pounds right now and said he wants to play at 270 to 275. He also said Andrew Gleichert is really coming on as a physical presence at the position.

    * Le'Veon Bell was asked about the "complacency" from MSU coaches and said Mark Dantonio told him it was a general statement, not one aimed at Bell. Bell, Larry Caper and Nick Hill are all getting No. 1 reps right now, and running backs coach Brad Salem said the competition is strong there, with Jeremy Langford also showing good things. More on Bell tomorrow.

    * Receivers coach Terry Samuel said Tony Lippett and Keith Mumphery are holding steady with the ones, but he needs everyone to start catching the ball with more consistency. Mumphery, a specimen with speed, said he needs to do a better job of focusing and catching the ball. Samuel said walk-on John Jakubik is opening some eyes and playing "hungry."

    That's the quick-hit stuff for now. I'll weigh on the Derrick Nix situation later.


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