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April 28, 2012

Spring game final: White 14, Green 2

The big question? Who got hurt? Will Gholston has a bruised right knee, according to information BTN sideline reporter Lisa Byington got on the field. Denzel Drone hurt his left leg and was on crutches afterward. Larry Caper barely played, the word from Spartan Radio's Adam Ruff is a slight concussion. Le'Veon Bell also barely played and was limping a bit after the game.

    As for the game, the defenses obviously had the upper hand with 356 total yards between the two offenses. Connor Cook had some good moments and some rough ones, looks young but promising -- about as expected. I liked what I saw from Andre Sims Jr. and Dion Sims at times. Nick Hill had a heavy day of work and ran 19 times for 95 yards between the two teams.

    A lot of defensive starters looked good, which isn't news, but I also thought reserve ends Joel Heath and Jeremy Gainer showed some promise.

    The biggest news of the day may have been the fact that Bennie Fowler was able to play a bit. Interviews starting now -- don't forget the live chat at 5!


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