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April 28, 2012

Spring game primer

No Andrew Maxwell? No deal breaker. There's plenty to watch and analyze in today's spring game at Spartan Stadium -- but dress in layers and perhaps rain gear.

    Here's how they'll line up:

LT Burkland LG Treadwell C Jackson RG McDonald RT Michael Dennis
(Ruhland, Clark in reserve at OG)
QB Cook RB Bell (Langford also can play RB) FB Trevon Pendleton
TE Sims (Drone)
WR Mumphery Langford (Jakubik Caesar Benton)

DE Rush DT Hoover DT Clemons DE Heath
(Ramondo, Reynolds at DT)
OLB Allen MLB Bullough OLB Gardiner/Harris
CB Adams CB Hicks S Lewis S Williamson

LT France LG Klatt/Kruse C Allen RG Ray/Kruse RT Fonoti
(Conway, Kamm in reserve at OT, Brown at OG)
QB Cook RB Caper/Hill FB Palazeti
TE Gleichert Hoebing
WR Sims Jr. Arnett (Kerrick Dixon Troup Elliott)

DE Gholston DT White DT Kittredge DE Gainer
(Calhoun at DE; Scarpinato, Curtis at DT)
OLB T. Jones MLB Hammock OLB Elsworth
(Ed Davis, Danny Folino at OLB)
CB M. White CB Waynes S J. Jones S Drummond
(Colquhoun at CB)

I'll be tweeting feverishly during the game, and then don't forget the 5 p.m. post-game Web chat to further break it all down.


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