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May 02, 2012

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May 01, 2012

Draft review: Kirk Cousins

Where to begin ... Let's go with Jason Reid of The Washington Post, who calls  the Cousins selection risky but necessary.

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MSU winning it all? Why not?

Spring football left us with some questions answered and some unanswered, as usual. It also left me with a bit of a revelation -- based more on how people reacted to Denicos Allen than on what he said. A lot of players on a lot of teams talk about winning national titles, and most of them fall somewhere in the overly optimistic>>>delusional range. MSU's players have earned the right to say it out loud and at least receive a look (one eye raised, one side of upper lip raised) that says: "Hmmm, hadn't really thought of that, but it's not totally crazy." Baby steps.

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