April 28, 2012

Keshawn Martin to Texans in 4th

Hey, that one makes perfect sense! The folks who were high on Keshawn Martin's NFL potential look smart right now -- he goes in the fourth round, No. 121 overall, to the Houston Texans.

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Redskins (!) take Cousins

Kirk Cousins is off the draft board. And he's joining Heisman winner Robert Griffin III in Washington. The Redskins took Cousins in the fourth round with the 102nd overall pick -- after taking Griffin with second overall pick.

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Spring game primer

No Andrew Maxwell? No deal breaker. There's plenty to watch and analyze in today's spring game at Spartan Stadium -- but dress in layers and perhaps rain gear.

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Let me know when something shocking happens

Todd McShay is surprised, other analysts are surprised, Kirk Cousins and his agent are no doubt surprised. Everyone expected him to go in the second or third round. He's still on the board after three rounds and 95 picks, with seven quarterbacks gone -- including Russell Wilson and Nick Foles, to the team (Philly) that showed Cousins the most love in this process. But still ... it's not like the fourth round is some outlandish result for Cousins.

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April 27, 2012

Worthy to the Packers

The Denver Broncos went with Cincinnati's Derek Wolfe, not Jerel Worthy, at No. 36 -- setting the Internet ablaze with Jerel Worthy panic (not by him, for him). It didn't last too terribly long. Exactly 15 picks and just shy of one hour later, the Green Bay Packers took Worthy in the second round with the 51st pick. Green Bay traded up to get Philadelphia's pick to take Worthy. He is MSU's highest draftee since Devin Thomas went No. 34 overall to the Washington Redskins in 2008.

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NFL draft, day 2 preparation

Solari here. I caught up with Edwin Baker this week as he awaits whether or not he'll be drafted. In doing so, I talked with CBSSportsline.com and NFLDraftScout.com analyst Dane Brugler about Baker and a number of other potential MSU draft picks.

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Burbridge update, Duffy recap

Top MSU 2012 recruit Aaron Burbridge continues to work toward qualifying academically -- and no matter what rumor you hear between now and then, that won't be determined until he's done with summer school. Burbridge is doing very well so far this semester, Farmington Hills Harrison coach John Herrington said Thursday.

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April 26, 2012

Big night

The NFL can't mess with Jerel Worthy on his birthday weekend, right? If a Spartan's name is called tonight, Worthy's is the best bet. And before the draft gets cooking, it's Duffy Daugherty Memorial Award night at Eagle Eye -- where Francie Daugherty will be remembered and Vince Dooley will be honored. Tim Staudt AND Geoff Kimmerly speaking? Popcorn me.

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Big chat

It was good, though strangely focused on cuisine.

April 25, 2012

MSU spring game draft

And with the first pick ... the Green team picks Will Gholston at defensive end.

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