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Free Download: Robert Perry and Noah DeSmit's 'Where to Stay' Offers Hot Detroit Beats

Congratulations are in order for Detroit-based spinner Robert Perry (above, bottom), who has co-launched his own record label, implied music.

The label is currently offering up a free download of Perry and co-founder Noah DeSmit’s (above, top) single, “Where to Stay,” for free via Soundcloud, and you can snatch it up below!

I recently caught up with Perry to find out more about his new venture.

What inspired you to start your own record label?

After being in LEAK (Lansing Electronic Artist Kollective) and DJing at a lot of parties together, my friend Noah DeSmit and I had talked about creating a platform to release our own music. We figured doing it digitally and for free would be the simplest way to get our music out to the largest audience.  We could talk about inspiration for days but that is the short explanation for it. 

What artists do you currently feature?

Currently, it's just Noah and I on the first release. The second release is going to feature Noah and myself, and possibly a remix from a buddy of ours. We're open to receiving demos from other artists who would like to release on our label too.They can send their music to info@impliedmusic.com.

Tell me about your first release and how people can get it for free.

The first release is a single called "Where To Stay," which is a collaboration between DeSmit and myself.  It also features a remix from Noah. We'll usually send ideas back and forth over the internet when we work on a song together, and that's how this track got started. The vocals you hear in the track are Noah's pitched down, and everything else is something one of us added to the song. All of implied's music will be available for free at www.soundcloud.com/impliedmusic.

What do you envision for the future of implied music?

There are a few things we know we are going to be doing regularly: releasing free music, free DJ mixes, making blog posts and doing a podcast that features other guests and ourselves. Our first podcast guest is Kyle Hall, label owner of Wild Oats from Detroit. We're thinking of hosting our own events around Michigan eventually, too. Hopefully our future includes some people who check out this interview downloading our music!


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